Social Welfare Minor

The Social Welfare Minor provides the student with a comprehensive background in the social welfare system in the United States, its relationship to the market economy, and the historical, political, and cultural factors that shape its course.  It also offers the opportunity to explore in depth some of the challenging issues confronting society in the alleviation of poverty and the delivery of health and welfare services to families and children, older adults and people with physical and mental challenges. This knowledge will be of particular importance to students planning careers in government, the private non-profit sector, law, health and all areas of planning.

To attain a Social Welfare Minor students must complete 18 credits of course work with a grade of “C” or better.  (Note: The Social Welfare Minor can not be taken in conjunction with the Social Work Major)

Courses are divided as follows:

Core Requirements: ( 9 credits)

SOWK 250 Introduction to Social Work (3)
SOWK 260 Introduction Social Welfare, Social Policy and Social Work I (3)
SOWK 388 Human Behavior I (3)

Electives (9 credits) Choose any of the following:

SOWK 311 Introduction to Field Experience in Social Work (3)
SOWK 369C Contemporary Issues, Cultures and Social Work Practice in Aging (3)(Fulfills Culture req.)
SOWK 360 Social Welfare, Social Policy, and Social Work II (3)
SOWK 370 Social Work and the Criminal Justice System (3)
SOWK 372 Social Work and Health Care (3)
SOWK 373 Demystifying the DSM: A Social Work Perspective (3)
SOWK 374C Social Work Practice with Immigrants & Refugees (3) (Fulfills Culture req.)

SOWK 376: Intimate Partner Violence: A Social Work
Perspective (3)
SOWK 377 Women and Social Policy (3)
SOWK 386 Strengthening Family Structure (3)
SOWK 387 Policies, Program, and Services to Children (3)
SOWK 389 Human Behavior II (3)
SOWK 390 Special Topics (3)
SOWK 395 Addictive Behavior and Social Functioning (3)
SOWK 470 Social Work Research (3)
SOWK 499 Independent Study (1-3)