1970s “Rights and Choice”


Wyatt vs. Stickney

…the historic 1970 Alabama case that recognized for the first time that the Constitutional rights of mentally disabled persons living in state run psychiatric hospitals had been violated under the 14th Amendment.  This case had far-reaching consequences beyond the state of Alabama.  Learn more about the importance of Judge Johnson’s ruling that forever changed the way mental health services would be delivered.

Stanley Weinstein and Carl Thistel, two social workers, working in the field of mental health at the time of this landmark case, share their experiences and perspectives on the importance of Wyatt-Stickney’s ” right to least restrictive treatment ” and how it affected Maryland’s mental health service delivery.


Roe vs. Wade

America’s position on abortion rights went through a significant challenge in the 1970s.  In January, 1973 the Supreme Court made a landmark decision which invalidated abortion laws in 46 states and set the stage for decades of debate over the rights of women to choose.

Social workers were on the forefront, voicing their opinions and advocating for these rights.  Two Maryland social workers share their perspectives on this landmark decision.  They are Ms Jacqueline Fasset and Ms. Anita Feith.

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