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Program Advisory Board

The Program Advisory Board is a group of students, program alumni and
professional and community leaders who support the Baccalaureate Social
Work Program. The purpose of the Board is to provide a means for
disseminating information about the Program, obtaining feedback from key
community leaders about how the Program’s significance is perceived,
securing suggestions for program improvement, and assisting the Program
in obtaining local and state support.

Current Members:

Ms. Danielle Bouchard

Mr. Robert Connolly

Ms. Rachel Crosen

Ms. Adele Margel Crystal

Ms. Adrienne Ekas-Mueting

Mr. Edward Featherson

Ms. Marylin Kuzsma

Ms. Katie Leiser

Ms. Julie Manley

Dr. Daphne McClellan

Ms. Katie Morris

Ms. BJ Pilkins

Ms. Beth Potter

Ms. Susan Roberts Bingham

Mr. James Shannon

Dr. Carolyn Tice

Ms. Mira Wachs

Mr. Chris Wirt