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Social Work Summer Session!

Choose between 3 electives!

March 7, 2017 8:55 AM
SOWK 374-C (3)
Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees
This course provides an introduction to the information and skills necessary for generalist social work practice with immigrants and refugees. Fulfills 
1 culture GEP requirement.
Session 2, Four Weeks ( July 10 — August 4 ) Main Campus
Class meets on Wednesdays and Thursdays 9am-11:15am in person as well as online 
using Blackboard. 

SOWK 369 (3)
Contemporary Issues, Cultures, and Social Work Practices in 
This course uses a cultural framework to explore social issues, trends, 
policies, and services affecting older people and their families focusing on 
diversity of the aging experience.  Fulfills 1 culture GEP or 1 SS GEP
Session 1, Four Weeks ( May 30 — June 23) Main Campus
Class meets on Mondays and Tuesdays 1pm-2:30pm  in person and online
*Meets only 3  times in person (5/30, 6/5, 6/12)

SOWK 386 (3)
Social Work Practice with Families
This course will provide students with the basic knowledge and skills to make initial assessments of family functioning in the context of the social 
environment and an understanding of the variety of challenges 
families experience. 
Session 1, Six Weeks (May 30 — July 7)
Meets on Tuesday 9am-11:30am as well as online using Blackboard

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